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               Employment Education Specialist: Sal Puma 


    Experience working in not-for-profit & educational businesses for over 22 years.  Served in church pastoral ministry, coaching, counseling, teaching, training, job developing, employment education and vocational training.

    Life is too short and there is no time to waste.   The sooner we figure out what we want to do, what we do well, and the training we need to accomplish our goals, the better off we are. 


     Life didn't just happen.  You, I, and everyone else, were designed for a purpose, and we were meant to experience a life with meaning.   Part of that purpose and meaning is experienced in serving others with the gifts and abilities our Creator has given us.  Niche-Detectives want to support you on your journey.  We have tools that can help.  We would love to hear from you.   


    General life coaching is also available.

                              We would love to hear from you!