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Our Services_

We Are Here to
Support YOU!

FREE One on One or Group Consultations; also Customized Packages with NEGOTIABLE,  AFFORDABLE Prices which can include : 
1) Personalized face to face training & coaching (either virtual or in person).
2) Support aimed at self-discovery and empowerment
3) Support in researching your special interests.
4) Roll play and skill training.                                                                                    5) Developing a product, identifying your target market and ideal client.
6) Packages designed personally for you!
 Side Hustle Package
You want to find something aside from a job.  You want to do something on your own.  You want to be your own boss, set your own schedule.   You want to work your true passion and interests, along with making some money.

You've Come to the Right Place
We will take you through the whole process from discovering what you want to do, to discovering your target market, to getting your offering before your ideal clients, to finding out the necessary legal responsibilities, and to collecting your money.  


   Career Package
Help up with research.  Researching your self, helping you figure out what you want to do, what you are good at.  Research the industry you are interested in.  Research companies you are interested in.  Research the preparations that are necessary for success.
Research your online foot print to see there  are trouble spots that would be a problem.

Look for Opportunities
We can help look for opportunities to get you on board with what you want to do ASAP!

       Job Package
Not really looking for anything special, you just want to work, and you would like support looking for a job.   We can support you.
We can help get you into the ballpark of what you want to do, help you look online, help fill out applications, help with resumes, get you ready for the interview and more.

Life Coaching

In our fast pace world, where everybody is talking and very few are listening, do you need someone to listen?    Someone to support you un- lock your potential?  Trauma informed Life Coaching and Pastoral Coaching  
are available for individuals and groups.  Virtual Coaching through Zoom is available.

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